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Say a Little Prayer

Francisco — I sometimes struggle because of my age. I’m 76. I don’t have any vices and I don’t behave rudely with people. I treat women well and they treat me well. I’m going to go out and sing even without a guitar to see if I can make some money. But first, I’m going to say a little prayer to the Virgin. 

Singing the Blues

Salvador — I lived in the United States for 35 years, all my youth. I lived in Atlanta and was deported to Reynoso [near McAllen, Texas]. I came to Tijuana to be near my mother who is buried here. I had a hard time during my first two years after being deported. [more...]

I Live Well

Salvador — I was deported 8 years ago. I would sing in the United States. I was young, I had a good voice. There, I would sing for pleasure. In Tijuana, I sing because I need to make a living. I live well. [more...]

We Started a Shelter

Madre Margarita — We started this shelter in 1999 after seeing so many people roaming the streets at night in Tijuana after being deported. The people of Tijuana and the people of the United States opened their hearts and worked together to address the needs of migrants who were hungry and found themselves alone in an unfamiliar place. [more...]

Unfair and Tragic

Padre Jesus — I got [to the shelter in Tijuana as the priest in charge] in December 2014, not long ago. My experience with migration has been in Europe. In both places, the priest finds himself being a spiritual leader, a social worker that helps the migrant navigate an unfamiliar system, and a friend. [more...]

It's Not a Good Place

Rogelio — In Tijuana, I lived for a year in El Bordo [a drainage canal along the U.S. border where many homeless people previously sought shelter]. I lost several jobs because I would get picked up by the police without identification. They don’t believe you’re going to work. [more...]

In Fashion

Salvador — I plan to start a fashion design business in Tijuana and remain for two years. If things don’t work out then I will try to go back [to the United States] so I can see my mom. I would really like to see her. I’ve been here three years. [more...]