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A Spiritual Crisis

Roberto — I arrived in Tijuana in October 2015 from the state of Oaxaca. I was undergoing a spiritual crisis. The plan was to backpack through Baja California and cross into the United States. I was robbed while sleeping on the beach in Rosarito. When I woke up, my backpack and everything in it was gone. [more...]

Unfair and Tragic

Padre Jesus — I got [to the shelter in Tijuana as the priest in charge] in December 2014, not long ago. My experience with migration has been in Europe. In both places, the priest finds himself being a spiritual leader, a social worker that helps the migrant navigate an unfamiliar system, and a friend. [more...]


A men’s shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, serves hundreds of meals every morning to men and women migrating to and from the United States. The shelter, Desayunador Salesiano Padre Chava, doubles as a resource center where migrants can obtain basic services like haircuts, medical exams, and help with obtaining official documents lost during their journey. [more...]